“Stephani was an exceptionally successful bench scientist who developed a love to communicate science to others. Her writing captures both the drama and the joy of discovery. And she has a flair for finding the simple explanations to complex science.”

—Edwin McCleskey, PhD
Scientific Officer, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Former Senior Scientist, Vollum Institute
Oregon Health & Science University

“As a former bench scientist, Stephani is adept at adjusting her writing style to engage scientists as well as a non-science audience, and still make it entertaining. No small feat!”

— Gary Westbrook, MD
Senior Scientist and Co-Director, Vollum Institute
Dixon Professor of Neurology,
Oregon Health & Science University
Former Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Neuroscience

“Dr. Sutherland is exceptionally talented at translating the science of mindfulness in a way that is clear and concise for a broad readership. Through her writing, she brings science to life.”

—David S. Black, PhD, MPH
Editor-in-Chief, Mindfulness Research Monthly
University of California, Los Angeles

“Stephani is able to translate science into media that communicates. Whether it’s print, video, or web, she can help users understand.”

—Meighan Maloney
Executive Producer, Rediscovering Biology:
Molecular to Global Perspectives
Oregon Public Broadcasting

“Dr. Stephani Sutherland is a gifted teacher, mentor, and writer. She is a natural teacher, able to communicate complicated scientific concepts to students with varied science backgrounds.”

—T. Dawn Banker, PhD
Associate Clinical Professor and Academic Coordinator, Science Programs
Washington State University Vancouver

“Stephani’s high-quality teaching and advising abilities…have made a difference here.”

—Brian N. Tissot, PhD
Acting Director, Science Programs
Washington State University Vancouver

“Dr. Sutherland actively listens to her students and makes changes to her teaching style accordingly.”

“Caring and compassionate.”

“She has a very clear and concise teaching style.”

“I learned important aspects of writing that I didn’t understand were important.”

—Washington State University Vancouver students

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