Love Letter to Oliver Sacks
Dear Oliver Sacks, First, I realize that you’ve passed on. I was sorry to see you go, but you certainly made a good run of it. And I want to tell you I’m grateful for the work you did. I’m not alone; I read that you received 10,000 letters per year. So I figure this letter is as likely to reach you now as it would have while you were still living. A note about this letter. Last summer, I was visiting my friend, author Deborah Reed, in Manzanita, Oregon. You would love it there—a wild and breathtaking place on the Pacific coast, though it’s not so good for swimming. Still, I could imagine you braving the frigid and turbulent ocean; riding your motorcycle for miles along Route 1. I was telling Deborah how much I admired you and your life’s work and what an impact it has had on my own path. Well, she said, you have to let him know! You have to write to him. Sure, I said. I should do that. Well you have to do it now, she implored. We both knew that your time on the planet was limited, from your essay announcing your terminal cancer in February. I resolved to write the letter. That day I bought your memoir, On the Move, and a new notebook made of recycled paper on which to write the letter, at Cloud & Leaf Bookstore. That was... Read more »