Amanpour & Co. Mar 16, 2023
New Research on Long COVID

Charlotte Talks With Mike Collins Mar 15, 2023
Three years after the start of the pandemic, long COVID is a major concern for patients and doctors

Press Play with Madeleine Brand Feb 23, 2023
Is long COVID a neurological disease? Scientists are doing more research.

Minnesota Public Radio with Kerri Miller Jan 6, 2015
New advances in chronic pain management show promise

Podcasts is a website dedicated to providing information about chronic pain research to patients and the public since 2016. Below are podcasts in which I interviewed leading researchers and clinicians in the field.

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The Pain Beat (Episode 2)

Optogenetics and Chemogenetics for Pain Treatment: How Feasible Are They? How Effective Could They Be?

A discussion with Allan Basbaum, Robert Gereau and Yarimar Carrasquillo. Moderated by Stephani Sutherland.


The Pain Beat (Episode 1)

Pain Targets: Molecules? Cells? Circuits? Systems?

A round table discussion with Alexander Chesler, Ardem Patapoutian, Sarah Ross and Cheryl Stucky. Moderated by Stephani Sutherland.


Diet, Inflammation and Pain

A Podcast With Johnny Figueroa and Robert Sorge


The Path to Chronic Pain from the Body to the Brain

A Podcast With Robert Coghill


How Psychologists Can Help With Chronic Pain

A Podcast with Beverly Thorn


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