Launch site

Welcome. This is my professional website–I’m a freelance science writer, a former bench neuroscientist, and a practicing yogi.  Please browse the pages of this site, including my Samples pages for the most up-to-date examples of my work. What exactly this page will look like remains unclear–whether I’ll start a “proper” blog or just make short posts about my publications. But my first priority is to stick to populating the Samples pages. The last couple of  years have been busy for me, and it’s time to take stock and catalog those accomplishments into this digital repository. As I systematically list and link these pieces of work, I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, the science I’ve learned, and the people I’ve encountered. I’m also grateful to see the shift not only in my audience–growing wider–but also in the subjects I’m covering. I’m in a period of transition from writing primarily for scientists to people who actually buy magazines. In addition to some of my favorite topics–pain and sensory physiology–I’m also writing about neurodegenerative diseases. And I’m moving in new directions as well: contemplative practices, mind-body health, and yoga. So while I contemplate the future of this page, the Samples pages will continue to grow with recent work. If you’d like to get an idea of what I’ve been up to this year, please check out my Facebook page.