Since 2001, I have written about neuroscience for researchers, clinicians, patients, educators, and the public. I am currently focused on writing about chronic pain and integrative health, but I have written about neuroscience in myriad forms of media, including print, online, live presentation, and television. Below is an archive of my work.

Knowable Magazine

Chasing the genes behind pain 15 Apr 2020

Scientific American 

Penicillium Fungus Hosts Surprising Opioid Compounds 1 Feb 2020

When a Feather-Light Touch Is Agony  16 Oct 2018

Too Good to Be True? A Nonaddictive Opioid without Lethal Side Effects Shows Promise 5 Sep 2018

Even Unpalatable Foods Taste Good to the Brain 1 Dec 2017

Homing In on the Brain’s “Cuddling” Circuitry 31 May 2017

Marijuana May Boost, Rather Than Dull, the Elderly Brain 10 May 2017

Why the Pain Drug That Killed Prince Can be Especially Dangerous 6 June 2016

Why We Itch  1 May 2016

Revolutionary Neuroscience Technique Slated for Human Clinical Trials 5 Jan 2016

The Evolution of a Scientific American Information Graphic: Clues to Dampening Pain (Blog, by Jen Christiansen) January 2015

Pain That Won’t Quit Feature December 2014

Research Reveals the Structure of a Molecular Gateway to Pain [Animation] (Online, by Claudia Wallis) December 2014

Scientific American MIND

Treating Pain without Pills Feature May 2017

When We Read, We Recognize Words as Pictures and Hear Them Spoken Aloud Head Lines July 2015

Quit Smoking in Your Sleep Head Lines March 2015

Asian Glow May Indicate Lower Pain Tolerance Head Lines January 2015

Nerve Damage Might Explain Chronic Pain Feature September 2014Readers RespondJanuary 2015

How Yoga Changes the Brain Head Lines March 2014

A Spritz That Prevents PTSD Head Lines January 2014

Readers Respond: Neurons Control Bloodflow Letters November 2013

Concussions’ Lingering Effects Linked to Hormone Deficiency Head Lines September 2013

Can Caresses Protect the Brain from Stroke? Feature July 2013

Scientists Develop Early-Warning System for Alzheimer’s Disease On the Horizon July 2013

Specific Neurons Respond to Massage Head Lines May 2013

Faulty Sleep Mechanism May Cause Trauma to Linger Head Lines March 2013

Blunting Pain with Magnets Head Lines March 2013

Bright Screens Could Delay Bedtime Head Lines January 2013

A Daily Glass of Wine is Okay During Pregnancy Head Lines November 2012

How Chronic Pain Affects Memory and Mood Head Lines September 2012

Brain Freeze Explained Head Lines September 2012

Brain Trick Relieves Pain Head Lines May 2012

How Exercise Jogs the Brain Head Lines March 2012

Double-Edged Hormone Head Lines March 2012

When Viruses Invade the Brain Head Lines January 2012

New Scientist

Why some itches can’t be scratched – and how to combat them … 23 November 2016

Spirituality & Health

Ritual Science September-October 2012

Yoga for Anxiety Tathaastu Sep-Oct 2012

Gary Kraftsow’s Stress-Reducing Vision Common Ground September 2012 Download PDF

Breastfeeding: Natural Gratification Fit Pregnancy; June/July 2005; p. 39 | Download PDF

The Trees and the Bees: How Biodiversity Increases Coffee Yield Roast; Jan/Feb 2005; pp. 16-18
Download PDF

Young Success in Science: The OES Program. Stephani Eckert*; The Woman’s Journal; Vol 7 No 7; p. 9; Jul 1999; Portland, OR. | Download PDF

Speaking Her Mind: Animal Experimentation—A Second Opinion. Stephani Eckert*; The Woman’s Journal; Vol 6 No 9; pp. 10-11; Sep 1998; Portland, OR.
Download PDF

* Eckert is my maiden name

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